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brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> a major victory for supporters of same-sex marriage. the obama administration announced it will stop defending federal law banning same-sex marriages and could have an impact on the court fight over prop 8 here in california. abc 7 is live tonight with reaction. >> well the word went out today by people with the marriage equality to stage a rally here, a celebration rally on what for many was a surprise announcement by the obama administration. the president ordered his administration to stop defending the constitutionality of the federal law banning recognition of gay marriage. and declaring the 15-year-old defense of marriage act indefensible. the law had defined marriage only between a man and a woman. >> this is is a water shed moment. our president and representative stands with us i think the bottom line you can take is that this is the official position of the obama administration that sexual orientation is a constitutionally protected class and same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. the defense of marriage act, federal equivalent of
us that this is one of the moments. >> president obama reflecting this afternoon on the crisis in egypt where president mubarak agreed not to seek reelection. >> but the promise fell short of what demonstrateors have been demanding. >> mark matthews is here with latest on the chaos. >> and he says he won't run for reelection in the next presidential election in september. the question of course is will that concession be enough to sat fi the street? egyptians have taken to the streets and demanding he step down heard the 82-year-old pledge he will not run in the next election and this afternoon, president barack obama confirmed he'd stress that had point with mubarak. >> i indicated tonight that my believe that an orderly transition must be meaningful. it must be peaceful. and it must begin now. >> and in cairo, pro testers are calling for him to leave immediately. >> we hate him. we don't want him. po years is enough. >> today, the largest protest in egyptian history. despite the shut down of public roads and transportation. women who have been allowed less freedom than nen ha
? new at 6:30 a prose poseal to allow just that. >> president obama to kor rit america. why not what your country can do for you but what your business can do for the country. >> and redevelopment. is it a waste of tax mb? -- money? can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating wle grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lowe our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announc ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. you can see >>> the uprising in egypt has thrown a snag in cyber security legislation on capitol hill. the senate committee on homeland stick proposing a bill giving the federal government the power shut down parts of the internet during a state of emergency. mark matthews is here with the proposal. >> the timing on this supporters of the bill are reintroducing it. they did it weeks ago with details still to be written. the protests in egypt and mu
president obama issued a statement urging him to clear up the confusion. many remain unconvinced the government is -- adding its responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the egyptian people and the world. mark matthews is here with the rest of the story. >> got a chance to talk to the ambassador to the united nations who just happened to be visiting san francisco on a day where most of the world thought hosni mubarak would be stepping down. >> defiantly he announced the 30 year rule will continue until september. the 82-year-old announced this decision after keeping the country and world waiting much of the day n san francisco, this egyptian born professor couldn't believe what she's hearing. >> what? >> she was in her office at sf state, watching what she thought would be the end of mubarak's reign. >> not what i expected. >> obviously disappointed what struck her is that he seemed to be blaming outsiders. >> why did he keep referring to pressure from outside? he said that several times. >> as he spoke the crowd in tahrir square chanted leave, leave". there had been
obama will meet with technology leaders coming to the bay area thursday. the white house will not say when or where this meeting will be but they do is a it's quote part of the ongoing dialogue on how we can work together to strengthen our economy to get the american people back to work end of statement. >> local news for united airlines employees. for the first time they're receiving profit-sharing checks on the heels of the merger with continental. we have reaction tonight. united employees gathered to receive profit-sharing checks first-ever in the company history. the event was ceremony yil with a handful of employees representing their departments. added bonus? $100,000 bars and pay day candy bars. lawrence is a customer service director and a 15 year veteran. >> it's a surprise. we're excited about that. >> it's too little too late. >> flight attendants say they'd rather have it going into restoring their salaries and pension. a spokesman says they gave up $314 million per year and their pensions entirely. now working at 1994 wage levels and have been working on a new contract n
are frustrated by high unemployment. nearly 25%. president obama cairo's speech in 2009 persuaded the ceos to make an outreach. he attended this conference in october. he was hoping the move to launch start-ups will survive the current up hiefl. >> business is continuing. we're going to have to slow down for about a month or two and make sure that it's safe. banks are closed in egypt but think it's very short hiccup to a big effort to lies between the egyptian people and the rest of the world. >> he believes more high-tech companies should evaluate the market once stability is restored. egyptian native and ceo says it is his personal mission to help bring about change. >> one single start-up can propagate for the entire landscape. >> that ceo talked about with hope with a dash of desperation that he sees in the younger generation pushing for opportunities. that desperation is backed up by a united nations report that found it takes more than two years for a young person in egypt to find a solid job after graduating. >> there is growing concern at u.c. establishing about the safety of antiq
a looney? is >> hope you can join us tonight at 9:00. coming up president obama apts first man and first openly-gay forn a prominent position. >> and then at 11:00 their business is booming because they're tormenting you what. to do about over the top debt qlorkts coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is baseball being played in arizona and tim lincecum admitted he had butterflies today. and there is opening play against arizona and there is a four straight singles and three runs in the opening frame. and there is a giants responded in the bottom half in the first and there is a two innings allowing a run and miguel tejada and a lot more of him this season. buster posey picking up where he left off. giants winning their opener 7-6. a's open cactus league play sunday. brian wilson has been bother bid a stiff back and is expected to be at batting practice tomorrow. there a man thinking fear is a beard. this is is the greatest city to be in right now. >> and. >> i don't think i had anymore fun. >> are you surprised?. >> once you've got it going and fear the beard? >> it's not fake. >> a
production in half. driving up prices briefly over $100 a barrel. president obama says we can ride it out. also today another oil-producing nation, algeria ended a 19-year long state of emergency. the president called it a positive sign of government of algeria is responding to concerns of the people. >> thank you very much. and the turmoil in libya may have played out now for the time being on wall street. crude oil futures rose above $100 but ended at $97.28 because of the growing stockpile of both oil and gasoline. that is easing fears .s and the nasdaq gained almost 15. s and p 500 lost just one. >> a recent court ruling preventing retailers from collecting customer zip codes left some people confused. >> they've been asking michael finney for help on this. >> and courts ruled retailers are not allowed to ask for zip code. right? it's not that simple. merchants not allowed to ask for and record personal information when you use a credit card. last week, the courts ruled a zip code is personal information. retail clerks, and what about at this service station? >> i was watching the pro
chicago. it appears former obama chief of staff rahm emmanuel will be the next mayor with 86% of the vote he is trouncing his five opponents, collecting 55% of the vote. he can avoid a runnoff if there is more than 50% of the vote. and this caps off a campaign including a legal challenge to try to keep him off the ballot in chicago. he will replace richard daily. >> in libya tonight. leader muammar gaddafi is vowing to stay in power until his last drop of blood, calling on his supporters to take to the streets and blames those leading the call are a small, sick group of instigators. and according to reports hundreds of people have been killed or injured and as of now antigovernment forces controlled several eastern cities and un city council demanded an end to the violence skpechl pressed grave concern about his crack down. >> wall street's reaction to that was sour today. the dow jones sank 178 points. and s and p 500 fell 27 points. crude oil shot up another six and a half percent. and that is the highest in two years. gas prices ticked up another penny today. >> consumers feeling a big
in egypt. "new york times" reports the obama administration is negotiating immediate resignation of president mubarak. the newly appointed vice president, the man taking over for mubarak blamed unrest on foreigners and businessman. today reporters became targets for the pro-government pro testers. >> jipt's vice president blames foreigners for unrest. tonight the fallout from the speech he gave today is being felt in the streets. >> they ripped open my suitcases and took my passport and passed it around. >> andrew simon told me about being rousted near tahir square. >> threw our things on the ground went through my belonging autos simon waiting to hear if he will get into graduate school says he was just trying to get to his apartment and says in the square the battle for cairo continues, and pro-democracy demonstrators clashing with those who want president mubarak to stay. the last of three check points simon was assaulted. >> the man came up to me after i was pulled out of the car with a knife as if he was going to attack me add to be restrained everyone just screaming. >> the
of the human resistance. >>> president obama on the ground in the bay area for about 45 minutes about to sit down to a private dinner of a woodside home of a venture capitalist. on the list are steve jobs google chief executive and mark zuckerberg. and as well tonight the heads of oracle yahoo and cisco. and what they hope to accomplish at the dinner. >> they're hoping to create a start up. and the venture capitolist ask and there is more success stories. steve is working on his fourth start up in a cube cell at plug play. and he is talking about improving education. >> and and if we can figure out a way to build programs and support systems to encourage people to go into engineering. and reward them accordingly. then that would be, i think important part of the future. >> since its beginning the valley has been a magnet for immigrants with big dreams and ideas. the technology center is home to 22 start ups. they'd like to see movement on a plan to start up a company to create jobs for americans. >> a competition with every other city in the world. and and this is coming here to silicon vall
. a reflection on the bay area economy. >> and in sacramento president obama is proposing to come to the rescue of states like california that face a crushing debt after borrowing billions for unemployment benefits. it's a plan governor brown likes. >> i'm spencer christian. winds diminishing and temperatures falling. how cold it's going to be in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and later it's the giants versus niners. a sudden death extra innings victory tonight at pebble >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> a las vegas man has been arrested on a 29 count indictment in a mortgage rescue scheme. michael finney has been conducting an investigation into the accusations for two months now and he's here now with this story. >> this was troubling because many homeowners who got involved with this scheme believed they're getting help but a 29-count indictment accuses of suspect and three associates of doing the exact opposite. this home on a four acre lot was supposed to be pat and her family's dream home. the recession hit their contracting business hard. the home w
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12